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Making a project with your own artistic         requires a good plan. start with a theme and then create a                      as you make choices about your work.  


visual journal



Complete two practice pages in your smARTbook practice section for the medium you want, or might want, to use


Once you have a complete vision board and two practice pages done, finish checking off boxes on your planning page and share your idea with me to get started

So you want to start a project?

*you can do steps 2 and 3 in any order

Your best self is always best.

Make something every day.

Red Oil Painting

Art 1/2 Themes

An artwork that is a tribute to nature

An artwork inspired by an icon or hero

An artwork of your favorite place on the planet

An artwork that focuses on the element of shape

An artwork from the point of view of a bug or a fish

An artwork made specifically for someone

Art 3 Themes

An artwork that shines bright

An artwork that focuses on the element of color

An artwork that is artistic yet functional

An artwork that captures a moment in time

An artwork fit for an art show

An artwork made specifically for someone

Portfolio Themes

A self portrait that is not a self portrait

An artwork that focuses on the element of texture

An artwork that looks inside

An artwork that fools the eye

An artwork fit for an art show

An artwork made specifically for someone

1.Starting a Project

go to the projects section in your smartbook. you will find a project theme at the top of every page. pick one (or two) themes that interest you and paint a background on the vision board/left-side page. What colors, emotions, and movements do you think of when you read the theme? This is how you should paint the background. 


Now write down some ideas

for one or more of the themes write down some ideas on the planning/right-side page where it says "ideas".

First, write down the worst possible most basic idea you can come up with. Seriously.

Then, write down three really good ideas. talk about them out with me or classmates if you need.


How to create a vision board

Is my project done?

Before you turn in your project make sure you...

have all of the 5c's in your artwork: content, contrast, color, composition, complexity

have it photographed by me (mrs. Falcon)

Post the photograph to your artsonia portfolio

The 5 C's of amazing artworks

ALWAYS KEEP IN MIND that every good artwork should demonstrate the 5 c's. 

We will use the 5 c's to evaluate your projects and determne whether they are ready to be posted to your artsonia portfolio.


A good artwork starts with your voice or style. When you are given a theme, it is up to you to put a spin on your work that is unique and an expression of you, the artist.


Almost all good artworks have contrast- high, middle, and low lights. The really great artworks strategically use contrast to make the viewer see different parts of the artwork at different times.


Color is key in a successful artwork. Show that you know how to pick a great color scheme and that you also have been practicing adding color to you artwork in a way that shows skill and attention to neatness and detail.


A good composition goes hand in hand with complexity. When you are making sure your subject fills two-thirds of the space of your artwork, or you have a foreground, middle ground, and background you are creating a good composition.


A good artwork should invite the viewer in. It should be something that makes someone want to stop and look. You can create complexity by using multiple elements of art: line, color, space, texture, value, shape, and form and by using various techniques to create the illusion of space (placement, overlapping, shading, size, perspective)

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